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[05-30 02:36][Monk]NEWS: Goku is now level 18.
[05-30 02:36][Monk]Wylde: zoinks
[05-30 02:36][Monk]NEWS: Goku is now level 19.
[05-30 02:36][Monk]Goku: hahaha
[05-30 02:36][Monk]Wylde: wow
[05-30 02:36][Monk]Goku: that is just a taste of it
[05-30 02:36][Monk]Goku: still have just shy of 7mil xp left too
[05-30 02:37][Monk]Goku: 144 stat points
[05-30 03:04][Monk]NEWS: Wylde is now level 2.
[05-30 03:37][Monk]NEWS: Icewolfz has joined the Spirit Clan!
[05-30 03:37][Monk]NEWS: Goku has joined the Spirit Clan!
[05-30 03:46][Monk]NEWS: Wylde is now level 3.
[05-30 03:50][Monk]Icewolfz: ok rygen is back for good enough of my playing iwht him ;)
[05-30 03:50][Monk]Icewolfz: also other monk trainers may have the same bug wiht join/jorneyman
[05-30 03:51][Monk]Icewolfz: i fixed i in code but it may take time for htem to update
[05-30 03:51][Monk]Icewolfz: or at least i hope i fixed it
[05-30 03:51][Monk]Icewolfz: so if it kidthe same ignore mesage it is the same issue either wait some time awya form the room and maybe the monte riwll upate
[05-30 03:51][Monk]Icewolfz: if not bug it and iwill fix it romorrow whe ni get back on
[05-30 03:52][Monk]Icewolfz: as sleep is calling!
[05-31 05:59][Monk]Goku: we are kill and kill are all
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01:23, Lockday, Denki 2, 182 AD.

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