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[01-19 22:28][Monk]NEWS: Ivan is now level 3.
[01-21 10:24][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 84.
[01-22 13:43][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 85.
[01-31 13:47][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 86.
[02-14 11:24][Monk]NEWS: Buster is now level 78.
[02-14 11:24][Monk]NEWS: Buster is now level 79.
[02-16 08:38][Monk]NEWS: Buster is now level 80.
[02-16 08:39][Monk]Lox: lvl 80 woo
[02-16 08:39][Monk]Buster salutes a crisp military salute.
[02-16 08:40][Monk]Buster: you should see my belt :D
[02-16 08:40][Monk]Buster has a plain belt.
[02-16 08:40][Monk]Lox: oh?
[02-16 08:40][Monk]Buster died at level 1 and lost the white belt and it went to plain!
[02-16 08:42][Monk]Lox: heh that sounds like a bug
[02-16 08:42][Monk]Buster: yeah, an awesome one!
[02-16 08:42][Monk]Lox: isn't there a cmd to replaxce your guild object?
[02-16 08:42][Monk]Buster: request replacement {item} I think
[02-16 08:42][Monk]Buster: but I like it :D
[02-16 08:42][Monk]Buster: not gonna learn skills til legend
[02-16 08:45][Monk]Buster enjoys a certain level of challenge.
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12:12, Shadowday, Ketralki 16, 184 AD.

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