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[03-19 11:54][Monk]Asp:,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNFWvVzj5veFqvmKeuA86XSsDK7_dg&ust=1395337886141786
[03-19 11:54][Monk]Asp death grip
[03-19 12:06][Monk]Asp checking google images (martial arts armor) mostly for training
[03-19 14:38][Monk]Asp: theres some shin-top of foot guards,
[03-19 21:34][Monk]Asp: sliding tied evade incoming l
[03-20 00:33][Monk]NEWS: Asp is now level 74.
[03-20 17:43][Monk]Asp: No like so far
[03-21 10:07][Monk]NEWS: Ahunabad has joined the monks.
[03-21 10:50][Monk]NEWS: Ahmuck has joined the monks.
[03-22 19:23][Monk]NEWS: Asp is now level 75.
[03-23 18:50][Monk]Asp throat punch( % to cuz mages/clerics prayers to fizzle. or fail cuz they can't vocalize the spell, or prayer
[03-23 23:18][Monk]Asp Leaps upon Newt, and MOnks him like a pro wrestler
[03-23 23:19][Monk]Newt crumples into a heap
[03-23 23:22][Monk]Asp butchers Newt into tasty treats, and munches on them
[03-24 21:35][Monk]Asp Ironfist
[03-24 21:35][Monk]Asp Ironfist
[03-24 21:48][Monk]Asp monks Kerorvan.. SOrry man still checking the story so far no luck =[
[03-24 23:27][Monk]NEWS: Asp is now level 76.
[03-25 20:20][Monk]Asp think monks should use less sp while walksing
[03-25 20:53][Monk]Icewolfz: iton ly liek 1 sp a room
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15:25, Shadowday, Praxi 11, 171 AD.

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