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[03-17 17:00][Monk]Icewolfz: overall wristclench shuld ba good monk move as its sorta a presure point
[03-17 17:01][Monk]Icewolfz: or something like that
[03-17 17:01][Monk]Icewolfz: overall it soundsm onkish
[03-17 17:01][Monk]Asp nods
[03-17 17:01][Monk]Icewolfz: worse case isi need ot dial back some of hte dmage dependign on teh limb selection
[03-17 17:01][Monk]Icewolfz: as hands tend ot be weakess and sincei target hem dierctly i may have to lower the amt to balance
[03-17 17:01][Monk]Icewolfz: and only a llow the full damge if random limb
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Icewolfz: anwys you now hav rank i core
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Icewolfz: now i just need to do the other rank i, then j k and l
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Asp found a guard
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Asp Thank you
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Asp Thank you
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Icewolfz: granted oyu wont get j k l til 80, 90, and 99
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Icewolfz: the other arnk i will prabaly be around 75ish i htink
[03-17 17:02][Monk]Icewolfz: goitn ot off set ti up 5 levles ihti nk
[03-17 17:03][Monk]Icewolfz: the mysticarua one
[03-17 17:03][Monk]Icewolfz: wher you cn heal others
[03-17 17:03][Monk]Icewolfz: overall monks are probabaly the most behide in abilites being done
[03-17 17:03][Monk]Asp okay seeing if the guard picks up weapon
[03-17 17:03][Monk]Icewolfz: graned i htink i got mosto f hte precarsh abiltis back by now
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13:38, Flameday, Kantki 3, 171 AD.

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