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[03-19 18:34][Newbie]Cheyne: HOW DO TEXT WORK?
[03-19 18:34][Newbie]Ido: CHEYNE
[03-19 18:34][Newbie]Cheyne: this is where I live now.
[03-19 18:35][Newbie]Ido: i don't even know man
[03-19 18:35][Newbie]Cheyne: This channel is my home.
[03-19 18:35][Newbie]Rasputin: nice
[03-19 18:35][Newbie]Ido: apparently i have enough banked to level and i have no memory of this place
[03-19 18:35][Newbie]Cheyne does a thing.
[03-19 18:35][Newbie]Ido: does everyone get all the lines?
[03-19 18:35][Newbie]Ido: you gonna be a rogue, cheyne?
[03-19 18:36][Newbie]Ido: like. i assume
[03-19 18:39][Newbie]Cheyne: ofc.
[03-19 18:40][Newbie]Cheyne: Gabi saw my screen and would like to know if there is coding spots.
[03-19 18:40][Newbie]Kill: soon, you can be a bard if you want. :)
[03-19 18:40][Newbie]Kill: Icey welcomes coders!
[03-19 18:40][Newbie]Ido: what language/
[03-19 18:41][Newbie]Ido: ?
[03-19 18:41][Newbie]Kill isn't savvy enough to know all dat.
[03-19 18:41][Newbie]Cheyne: She says 'Python?'
[03-19 18:41][Newbie]Ido: i meant here but yeah
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15:58, Darkday, Kortki 4, 175 AD.

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