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HelpPlayer Commands • Inventory

Syntax: <inventory  [-a|-x] [-e|-c|-n|-v|-p]> 
This command gives you a list of the items contained in your inventory. 
Extra features to this command also include: 
   -e: expanded inventory where each item has there own line 
   -c: condenses items that are alike 
   -n: condenses items in to item (#) format similar to vendors 
   -v: at a vendor, lists your items that you can sell 
   -p: shows what your containers are holding 
   -s: shows what your sheaths are holding 
   -a: sort by alpha 
   -z: sort by alpha decending 
   -x: display only extra items 
   -l: sort by name length 
   -!l: sort by name length decending 

See also: score, limbstatus, armourlist

HelpPlayer Commands • Inventory

00:47, Darkday, Denki 14, 182 AD.

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