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HelpPlayer Commands • Kill

Syntax:  <kill [living]> || <kill all [living]> || <kill ignore minions [on|off]> 
This command is used to initiate combat with the living being you specify.  Once combat begins you may only end it by running away or if one of you dies. Other players may also be attacked in arenas and pk areas. 
kill ignore minions will set whether or not you attack your own minions or monsters you may own like steeds. 
    nothing - display the current status 
    on - will turn ignore minions on 
    off - will turn ignore minions off and kill and kill all will factor in your minions when selecting targets 
Note: ignore minions setting may not effect all combat commands! 

See also: death, wimpy, wimpydir, follow, party, playerkilling

HelpPlayer Commands • Kill

05:07, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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