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HelpPlayer Commands • Prompt

Syntax : <prompt [value]> 
You are able to set the prompt displayed to you at the beginning of each line. 
The default prompt is '> '. 
Nightmare Shell recgonises the following variables: 
  $D: Your current directory (immortals only). 
  $V: Displays INVIS  when invis, cloaked or invisible. 
  $v: Displays invis when invis, cloaked or invisible. 
  $H: You current hp maximum. 
  $h: Your current hp. 
  $G: Your current mp maximum. 
  $g: Your current mp. 
  $I: Your current sp maximum. 
  $i: Your current sp. 
  $a: display your current appearance 
  $e: display exit list 
  $b: display whole exit line 
EXAMPLE: prompt $h hps   $g mps> 
    Will display '60 hps  150 mps> ' at each prompt. 

See also: setenv

HelpPlayer Commands • Prompt

06:40, Darkday, Roki 19, 183 AD.

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