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HelpPlayer Commands • Score

Syntax: <score> 
Gives you a quick overview of your character status. 
First is your name, reputation and then alignment. 
Next is your current level, guild, subclass assessment, and the deity you follow. 
Experience is the total experience you have, your level and spendable. 
Needed is the amount you need to get your next level. 
Earned is how much you have earned since login (see countxp). 
Banked is the amount of experience you have to spend on stats, skills or level. 
After experience is your current health, stamina, and mana poins colored red(bad) to green(best) 
Remaing lines are how sober, hungry, thristy, your overall health, cloaked, invisible, stealthed, dazed, flying, riding, disguised, and finally your wimpy settings 

See also: stats, experience, bankedxp, countxp, alignment, reputation

HelpPlayer Commands • Score

18:02, Flameday, Roki 13, 180 AD.

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