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HelpPlayer Commands • Setenv

Syntax: <setenv [variable] [value]> 
Sets environment variables which customize the way the game appears to you. You may set the following values: 
  PROMPT              Sets the string displayed for your prompt ('help prompt', default: > ) 
  SCREENLOCK          Prevents automatic SCREEN detection 
  LINES               sets how many lines appear for paged information (like the who command) (default: 20) 
  NEWS                sets how news is displayed at login, 0 or on means show full news. brief, just say weather news has been updated. off, disable news. (default:0 or on) 
  MSDP                Enables or disables Mud Server Data Protocol for s/*  */ending variables to client 
  LINESLOCK           Prevents automatic LINES detection 
  ERROR_MESSAGES      sets which error messages you see for a typo. 0 (default) is the default 'What?', 1 is a normal type of random error message, 2 is for a silly type of random error message, 3 is for a simple Action failed. 
  TERMLOCK            Prevents automatic TERM detection 
  MSP                 Enables or disables Mud Sound Protocol for playing sound and music effects if supported in client 
  ENCODEMXP           Force encode of all greater than, less than, and ampersand characters into MXP entities,Mudlet clients assume this is on unless you explicitly set to off 
  SCREEN              sets how wide your screen is so that information coming to you automatically gets wrapped to fit your screen width (default: 75) 
  MORE                Allows you to disable or enable the MORE filter 
  NOCOLORTALK         Strip all colors from say and lines. 
  MORELOCK            Prevents automatic MORE detection 
  POST_PROMPT_LINE    Prefixes a newline to the next message you get after a prompt 
  KEEPALIVE           If non-zero the mud sends telnet 'IAC NOP' after KEEPALIVE seconds without sending text. Hopefully this will reduce linkdeath for some people. Set to 0 to disable. 
  ROOMNUM             Display the rooms unquie number to the left of the room name 
  TERM                sets what set of instructions your terminal needs to be in colour (see help terminal) (default: unknown) 
  TZONE               Sets what time zone you are in for conversion of real world times into your time zone (default: US/Pacific) see help timezones for list, casing matters 
  COMBAT              Disable idle/generic combat messages (on|off|brief, default=on) WARNING! this may cause you to miss your healing and could cause you to die in combat easier, use at own risk, brief mode displays simplified combat messages and hides combat not done by you. 
  MSG_CLASS_MODE      If 0 display things normally. Add 1 to print colour codes literally, add 2 to turn off mud terminal SCREEN wrapping (SCREEN is still used to calculate widths in places) You may also add either 4 OR 8, both of which print the message class in a different manner. 

See also: prompt, timezones, setcombat

HelpPlayer Commands • Setenv

17:01, Flameday, Denki 13, 182 AD.

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