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HelpPlayer Commands • Stats

Syntax: <stats [show (player)]> 
The command gives you additional information about your genetically inherited 
physical traits. 
There are four columns displayed: 
    Curr (Current) - This column displays your current basic stat without any 
      bonuses or outside factors, the (%) after the number shows the percent 
      you have spent in overall experience needed to raise it, MAX! means you 
      cannot raise it until you have raised your cap, you can improve your 
      current stat by spending experience in your class hall. 
    Cap - the current cap on how high you can raise your stat, this is raised 
      using cap points to the max number allowed, you can raise your cap in 
      your class hall. 
    Max - this column is the maximum you are ever allows to raise your cap to. 
    Cost - this column is how many cap points you need to spend 
      to raise your Cap by one, once you raise your cap you can then spend 
      experience points raise your current status up to your new cap. 
    Experience - this column is the amount of experience it will cost 
      to raise your current stat up one point closer to stat cap 
You get 8 cap points every time you level to a new level, for a maximum 800 points over the life of your character should you reach level 100. 
Visit your class hall to improve or raise your stat, locate the training room and you can use cost to see 
      which stats are trained in which room or rooms, read the sign to get more details on syntax and instructions. 

See also: traits, score, skills, status, experience

HelpPlayer Commands • Stats

10:20, Shadowday, Sartki 11, 178 AD.

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