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HelpPlayer General • Abilities

Abilities are commands you can learn once you have enough skill to perform them,  
each class has their own set of abilities they can learn, ranging from combat  
to others. There are also global abilities that can be learned from quest or  
deeds, or just finding the correct trainer. 
All abilities need to be learned from a trainer, each class has a core trainer  
located in their main class hall in Kieron. Subclass trainers are scattered  
around Caspia to encourage you to explore and learn the land to expand your  
Each trainer can be asked about what abilities they can teach by doing a  
generic <ask [trainer] about abilities>. 
Class specific: 
    Clerics: <ask [trainer] about prayers> 
    Mages: <ask [trainer] about spells> 
    Monks, Fighters, and Rogues: <ask [trainer] about commands> 
Once finding out what they can teach you can then <learn [ability]>,  
for clerics you need to <appeal [prayer]> 
Each class is given a class object when they are joined. This object allows you  
to see what you have learned by looking at it. At any time you lose your item  
you can return to the core class trainer and <request a replacement [item]>.  
Clerics are a specialized case when it comes to class objects, cleric objects  
are given based on what deity they follow and you must return instead to their deity's temple.  
Monks replace thier class item, a belt, by visiting Cirroc, then bowing or nodding 
in respect then challenge him for a spar to receive a belt or upgrade thier belt 
Class objects: 
    Fighter: red sash 
    Rogue: dagger pendant 
    Mage: spellbook 
    Cleric: see each help for each deity 
    Monk: [color] belt 
All trainers also allow training for the skills that the abilites they train  
require. You can do <cost> to see a full list of skills they  
can train, the commands and sytnaxes on how to train a skill.  

See also: classes

HelpPlayer General • Abilities

11:31, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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