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HelpPlayer General • Accessories

In addition to light, medium, and heavy armour, there are also other types  
of items which can be worn in the realm. These items are clothing and  
accessories, which include shirts, pants, jewelry, bags, belts, and other  
various wearables. 
Clothing comes in three types which can all be worn concurrently:  
underclothing, clothing, and overclothing. These provide a small degree of  
physical protection in addition to that provided by light/medium/heavy armour,  
and also help insulate you against the elements. 
Accessories come in all shapes and sizes and provide no physical protection  
of their own, but are often useful in other ways. They include sheaths,  
scabbards, belts, jewelry, backpacks, and more. 
FAQ: If these types of items do not provide protection, why should I bother  
     with them? 
Just because you don't gain armour protection from one of these item types,  
does not mean it does nothing for you. Containers allow you to carry more  
than you would otherwise be able to, and some accessories may grant magical  
benefits. For further information on containers and enchantments use  
<help containers> or <help enchantments>, respectively. Another reason is  
simple roleplay value. Outfit your character to reflect its personality! 
FAQ: How come I can't wear more than one ring per hand? 
FAQ: How come I can't wear more than one necklace around my neck? 
FAQ: How come I can't wear more than one [Insert name here]? 
Many items may have a limit to the number of them you can wear. Some rings  
you can wear multiples of while others are more limited due to abuse issues,  
magic, or other reasons that limit the amount you can wear. 

See also: wear, armour, containers, alimbs, armourlist, enchantments

HelpPlayer General • Accessories

03:41, Vaigday, Aenterki 15, 180 AD.

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