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HelpPlayer General • Alias

Syntax: <alias> || <alias [alias] [command]> || <alias [flag|alias]> 
alias                    : View current aliases. 
alias [alias] [command]  : Set the verb alias to execute command. 
alias [alias]            : Check the value of [alias] 
unalias [alias]          : Remove [alias] from the alias list. 
Flags accepted: 
    -reset               : Clears aliases and sets them to defaults. 
    -clear               : Clears all aliases. 
Substitution variable that exist are: 
    $# - Where # is the number of the word after the verb to substitute. 
    $* - Will be substituted with everything after the verb. 
Prefixing the alias' verb with a $ allows you to set up a verb that 
does not require a space after it. i.e. 'alias $' say $*' will allow  
you to do: 
'Hey! This is most Stufly! 
Look at the default aliases for examples. 

See also: unalias, nickname, history

HelpPlayer General • Alias

19:00, Darkday, Denki 19, 182 AD.

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