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HelpPlayer General • Alignment

A player's alignment is how evil or good they are, each deity 
has their own alignment that they represent. If a player follows a  
deity and they stay aligned to their deity, they may bless them or even save  
them when they die. Clerics are the most concerned with alignment as  
it affects prayers, as you wander from your deity's alignment your  
prayers will weaken. 
If you are swayed from your alignment by offering to items it will help you  
become realigned to your deity. When you also kill monsters once they die it  
will affect your alignment as well. Meaning if you kill good monsters and your  
good you will slowly turn evil, but if your good killing evil monsters will 
make you more saintly. 
Scale, demonic to good: 
    demonic, evil, bad, malevolent, mean, neutral, nice, benevolent, good, righteous, saintly 

See also: deities, cleric

HelpPlayer General • Alignment

04:42, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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