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HelpPlayer General • Alloys

Many metals can be combined to create new and intersting metal alloys. Alloys 
inherit many of the properties of thier parent or may even create new interesting 
    Bronze is an alloy of copper and other elements. It is commonly employed  
    among seafarers because of its high corrosion resistance. 
    Steel is an iron-carbon alloy. It is the most common material for weapons  
    and armours. 
    Pewter is a tin-copper alloy and is commonly used for tableware. 
    Electrum is a gold-silver alloy and also commonly called green gold. It is 
    used commonly for coins and jewelary. 
hold alloys 
    There are several gold alloys that are comomnly used to create jewelary and 
        white gold - gold and platinum alloy 
        rose gold - gold and copper alloy, similar to red but with high mix of gold 
        red gold - gold and copper alloy 
        pink gold - gold, copper, and silver alloy 
        spangold - gold, copper, and allouminum alloy 
Many alloys remain unnamed and may appear as just a list of thier components and 
thus you may not know the exact formula to recreate an alloy. 

See also: gems, materials, metals

HelpPlayer General • Alloys

04:45, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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