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HelpPlayer General • Armour

The term 'armour' on ShadowMUD refers to any object that can be worn by a  
living being, whether they be a suit of platemail, articles of clothing, or  
accessories. It does not necessarily mean that said object will provide  
significant protection against physical damage in combat. For instance,  
both a piece of jewelry and a plate mail suit are both considered 'armour',  
however only the plate mail suit is going to protect you. 
There are several different sources of armour protection which can be found  
in the game: armour, layers of clothing, and even magical effects. For  
information on layers of clothing or accessories, see <help clothing and  
Armour itself is broken into three grades: light armour, medium armour, and  
heavy armour. Here are some of the types of armour one might find under each  
Light Armour 
soft leather, padded leather, studded leather 
Medium Armour 
brigandine, scalemail, chainmail 
Heavy Armour 
splint mail, piecemeal, platemail 
FAQ: What's the differences between these armour types? 
The rule of thumb is that light armour is going to have a much lower weight  
(encumbrance value) than medium or heavy armour. However, light armour is  
also going to provide much less protection in combat. Heavy armour is going  
to provide the most protection, but it’s also going to have a very high  
weight. Medium armour falls somewhere in the middle. 
Also, several of the classes have a lower armour skill than others. This  
means that more complex armour, such as medium and heavy armour, may be more  
difficult to wear and actually provide less protection than a lighter armour  
that is within a class’s armour skill range. 
However, medium and heavy armour are also more durable, capable of taking on  
more damage before breaking down and needing repair. Some may find it more  
advantageous to take less protection for sturdier armour. If a part of the  
armour does take on more damage than it can withstand, then that part will  
break or shred apart and become unusable for the limb that part would have  
covered. Once a part of the armour breaks off that part cannot be replaced,  
so it is wise to keep your armour repaired if you wish to keep all of it  
intact and not have to seek new armour. 
FAQ: What if a part of my full body armour, say the part that covers the  
     head, breaks off. Can the armour still be worn? 
Yes, but you will need to find a suitable piece of armour to adjust to the  
missing piece of your full body armour. A helmet would be a good choice. 

See also: wear, weapons, accessories, alimbs, armourlist, enchantments, assessment

HelpPlayer General • Armour

15:36, Darkday, Denki 19, 182 AD.

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