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HelpPlayer General • Armour

The term 'armour' on ShadowMUD refers to any object that can be worn  
by a living being. It does not necessarily mean that said object will 
provide significant protection against taking damage from combat.  
For instance, both a piece of jewelry and a plate mail suit are  
both considered 'armour', however only the plate mail suit is going 
to protect you in combat. 
There are several different types of protective armour which can 
be found in the game: light armour, medium armour, and heavy armour. 
Here are some examples of each of these types: 
Light Armour 
cloth robes, leather breastplates, leather boots, leather gloves 
Medium Armour 
ring mail shirts, scale mail breastplates, chain mail suits,  
chain mail boots 
Heavy Armour 
splint mail suits, plate mail suits, plate mail gauntlets,  
field plate breastplates 
FAQ: What's the differences between these armour types?  
The rule of thumb you can follow is that light armour is going 
to have a much lower weight (encumbrance value) than medium or heavy 
armour. However, light armour is also going to provide much less 
protection in combat. Heavy armour is going to provide the most 
protection, but its also going to have a very high weight. Medium 
armour falls somewhere in the middle. 
Also, several of the classes have a lower armour skill than others. 
This means that more complex armour, such as heavy armour, may be more 
difficult to wear and therefore protect less than medium or light armour 
that may be more in a classes' armour skill range. 
However, heavy and medium armour can take on more damage before breaking 
down and needing repair. So it might be more to the advantage of the 
wearer to take less protection for a sturdier piece of armour. If a part 
of the armour does take on more damage than it can withstand, then 
that part will break or shred apart and become unusable for the limb 
that part would have covered. Once a part of the armour breaks off that 
part cannot be replaced, so it is wise to keep your armour repaired if 
you wish to keep all of it intact and not have to seek new armour. 
FAQ: What if a part of my full body armour, say the part that covers the  
     head, breaks off. Can the armour still be worn? 
Yes, but you will need to find a suitable piece of armour to adjust 
to the missing piece of your full body armour. A helmet would be a good 
In addition to light, medium, and heavy armour, there are also other 
types of items which can be worn in the realm. These include jewelry, 
accessories, clothing, and overclothing. These items do not provide 
direct protection in combat. Here are some examples of  
each of these types: 
rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, anklets, armbands, bracelets. 
backpacks, sheaths, scabbards, belts, canteens, eyepatches, and other miscellaneous items. 
light cotton shirts, cotton pants, socks, underwear, dresses, suits, kilts. 
Cloaks, capes. 
FAQ: If these types of items do not provide protection, why should I  
     bother with them? 
There are a couple of reasons. Just because you don't gain armour  
protection from one of these item types, does not mean it does nothing 
for you. There are some items in the game that fall under these 
categories which bestow upon the wearer magical enchantments. For 
further information on enchantments use <help enchantments>. 
Another reason is simple roleplay value. Outfitting your character 
to reflect its personality. 
FAQ: How come I can't wear more than one ring per hand?  
FAQ: How come I can't wear more than one necklace around my neck? 
Many items may have a limit to the number of them you can wear, 
so some rings you can wear multiples of while others are limited due to abuse 
issues, magic, or other reasons that limit the amount you can wear. 

See also: weapons, alimbs, armourlist, enchantments, assessment

HelpPlayer General • Armour

03:23, Darkday, Altki 14, 177 AD.

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