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HelpPlayer General • Black dwarf

Genetic Ancestry: Blackdwarf
Size: Medium
Languages: Malkierien
Poor stats: Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence
Good stats: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom
Vision: Excellent
Night Vision: Excellent

    Dwarfshome, below the Shadow Mountains, Caspia. It is not uncommon to 
encounter a dwarven trader, adventurer, or exile in any land of the realm.

    Generally gruff and irritable. They tend to speak little, actions suiting 
them better than debate. They are well known for their love of strong drink 
and the length of time they can hold a grudge, which can be centuries in some 

Physical Traits: 
    As sturdy as their home mountains, and as strong as an ogre. However, 
their short tempers and appearance makes them slightly unnattractive to most 
other races.

    Dwarves average about 4 feet in height. They have broad shoulders and thick 
limbs. Their light-colored skin is heavily weathered and wrinkled. Dwarves 
have the full range of hair and eye colors found in humankind. Almost all 
dwarves of both genders have beards.

Common Occupation: Fighter 

HelpPlayer General • Black dwarf

02:33, Vaigday, Denki 20, 182 AD.

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