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HelpPlayer General • Cleric

Clerics are very diverse in the specifics of their beliefs, but they are  
united in a general belief in the oneness of everything. That general  
belief may manifest itself through polytheism or the deification of nature.  
They are the spiritual leaders of the people who teach either against the  
use of destructive powers or for it, whether they be spiritual or physical.  
They get their powers from nature, powers of life and death and of their  
faith in the Deities. They do not have much time to learn, nor do they much  
care for the skills of fighting. They enjoy spending time on quests which  
reward them with the experience to grow, instead of pursuing their time  
gaining experience in killing. Because clerics are the spiritual leaders of  
Caspia, races with high charisma tend to be the best clerics.  It is also  
recommended that they have the wisdom to teach those their following right  
from wrong, and the smarts to help teach the difference between the two. 
A cleric can follow one of the seven different deities once they reach  
high enough, clerics may also expand their faith by becoming a savant  
in up to two deities and an adept in two others of the remaining four. 
Common races: any race with high charisma. 

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HelpPlayer General • Cleric

05:21, Darkday, Roki 19, 183 AD.

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