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HelpPlayer General • Combat

These are the most basic definitions of the skills used in physical combat: 
attack:          A player's mastery of executing any armed physical attack. 
defense:         A player's mastery of the arts of self-defense. 
double wielding: A player's mastery of combat with two wielded weapons. 
armour:          A player's mastery of armour. 
weapons:         A player's mastery of weapons. 
thrown:          A player's mastery of throwing objects or weapons. 
missile:         A player's mastery of shooting weapons, most commonly a bow and arrows. 
Fighters try to master many fighting skills. 
   See <help fighter combat>. 
Monks try to master fighting through personal discipline. 
   See <help monk discipline>. 
Rogues try master fighting through deception. 
   See <help rogue deception>. 
Clerics try to use there faith to fight. 
   See <help cleric faith>. 
Mages try and fight using spells. 
   See <help mage magic>. 

See also: kill, armour, weapons, setfocus, sethand

HelpPlayer General • Combat

02:18, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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