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HelpPlayer General • Containers

Containers are accessories that can be used to hold other items. Storing and  
retrieving items from bags is done using <get> and <put>. 
Items stored in containers have a lower or zero effective encumbrance value than when  
they are floating freely in your inventory. Many containers can also be worn to  
further reduce the effective encumbrance value of any items they hold. Non-wearable 
containers can be secured to yourself to make selling easier or make them harder 
to be stolen. 
Most containers are worn on the back, shoulder, and waist, and normally only  
one container can be worn on each of these locations at a given time. 
Containers come in different shapes and sizes, all with varying capacities,  
so be sure to experiment to find what suits you! All containers are limited to  
100 max items regardless of storage space. 
All containers prepend a (Y) or (N) to indicate if an item is auto loading  
or not. All non auto loading items will be moved from the container to the room  
it is in on logout, unless the container itself is non autoloading.  
Note: all items in non autoloading containers will remain in the containers 
Warning: You can not put containers in other containers to prevent infinite stacking  

See also: wear, get, put, secure, accessories

HelpPlayer General • Containers

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