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HelpPlayer General • Crafting

Crafting allows players to create items from patterns that can be learned from crafters. 
Crafters are scattered around the realm and could be anyone from some random joe 
or the local vendor, simplly ask them about patterns, skills, or abilities to see  
what they can teach. Crafters may call thier patterns a more descriptive named 
related to thier field of craft, for example blacksmiths may call thier patterns 
blue prints, while cooks would call them recipes, but all crafters accept the 
the generic term pattern. 
Players can learn a pattern as long as they have enough crafting skill. Crafting  
patterns are done by using different abilities as the abilities determine which materials 
can be used, for example forging is the use of metal ores to craft metal items. 
    When players gain enough skill they are allowed to customize the name and other parts 
    of a pttern if the pattern supports it, when creating a description you may use 
    %^MATERIAL%^ to colorize a peice of string using the material color. 
All crafters support the following: 
    <ask [crafter] about abilities> 
        This will list any abilities a crafter can teach. 
    <ask [crafter] about skills> 
        This will list any skills a crafter teaches. 
    <ask [crafter] about patterns> or <ask [crafter] about [type]> 
        This will list all patterns a crafter can teach. 
        Will list any skills that can be trained. 
Crafters may support topics or actions beyond those listed. 
To view which patterns you have learned you need to buy a portfolio from a store 
that sells them. 

See also: abilities, blacksmithing, sewing, leathering, stonemasonry, woodworking

HelpPlayer General • Crafting

00:27, Flameday, Roki 13, 183 AD.

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