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HelpPlayer General • Death

If a player's hp reaches zero or less, it will result in death. At this point, the player will lose a level and some xp, and will leave their corpse behind as their soul flies to the church in Kieron. At this point, a player should <pray> in order to have another chance at life. 
The player's equipment will be left behind with the corpse, which must be revisited in order to reclaim the items. 
You have 36 mud hours (12 real hours) before your gear will be lost from the time of your death. 
If you follow a deity, and maintain that deity's alignment, there is a small chance that the deity could rescue you before you are killed. 

See also: alignment, deities, pray

HelpPlayer General • Death

12:01, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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