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HelpPlayer General • Elf

Genetic Ancestry: Elf
Size: Medium
Languages: Eltherian
Poor stats: Strength, Constitution
Good stats: Dexterity, Intelligence
Vision: Excellent
Night Vision: Excellent

    There are two large populations of elves. The Forest elves live in the woods 
around the fortress of Syfvaren. The Wild elves live on the Red Plains. There 
are rumors of a vast elven city in a far away forest, that no non-elven eye 
has ever seen.

    Elves are infamous for being reclusive. They prefer to live their lives in 
seclusion from other races. However when they do come in contact with other 
races they often seem haughty. Because of the lengthy life- span of elves, 
they often have knowledge that has been thought to have been lost to the winds 
of time.

Physical Traits:
    Because of their slight frame, elves are not as strong or sturdy as some 
other races. Their frame does lend itself to being quite nimble however. Most 
other races view elves as very attractive because of their well defined 
features, inspite of their haughty attitude. Because of the long life span 
and knowledge amassed in elven culture, an individual elf tends to be more 
educated and smarter than other races.

    Elves are on average five and half feet tall, though it is not unusual to 
find an elf as tall as six foot. The elven body is humanoid in shape, but 
something about the spirit of the elf lends it a gracefullness unseen in all 
but the most practiced dancers and thieves. Elven facial features are well 
defined and attractive. They have high cheek bones, large eyes, thin noses, 
and slim lips. The majority of elves have blue or green eyes, though other
 colors are not unheard of. Most elves hair is blond or light brown, but 
black is very common among the Wild elves.

Common Occupation: Mage 

HelpPlayer General • Elf

15:28, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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