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Experience in shadowmud used for many different things. 
The basic use of experience is for leveling your character, to level your  
character you must have enough experience to move to the next level. When  
you get points you will get a message in yellow that you have enough points to  
advance to the next level, you can also check at any time using the score command. 
To advance to the next level you go to your class hall and find the advance  
room, normally displayed in the room discription or on a sign, then all you  
have to do is type <advance> to move to the next level. 
Stat points are another use of experience points, you have to first raise your  
cap by spending cap points. Then you can spend experiene points to improve your stat. 
You can pay the full amount needed to raise a stat or you can pay only a part  
and return later to raise it more. Stat cost get more costly as your stat gets  
higher, meaning you need more experience for each new point you want. 
Skills are the last thing you can use experience on. Skills will train as you  
use them with abilites or during combat, but some skills may be harder to raise  
due to not directly used by your class or you may not use that weapon. By using  
experience points you can direcly raise your skill to raise it faster then  
training alone. 
Experience is broken down into 4 types. 
    Experience - this is the total amout you have, your character and the spendable. 
    Needed - the amount you need to get your next level 
    Earned - how much you have earned since login (see countxp) 
    Banked - the amount of experience you have to spend on stats, skills or to level 

See also: score, stats, bankedxp, countxp

HelpPlayer General • Experience

02:56, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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