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HelpPlayer General • Faerie

Genetic Ancestry: Faerie
Size: Small
Languages: Elcharean
Poor stats: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom
Good stats: Charisma, Intelligence
Vision: Slightly above average
Night Vision: Slightly below average

    Faeries hail originally from a ring of magical islands somewhere in the 
western ocean. The exact location of these islands is held as a great
secret, but it is known that the isles themselves are partly responsible
for the magic of the faeries. However, once severed from those lands, the
faeries lose their talents and can no longer shift size or fly.

    Faeries tend to think of themselves as a superior race, and therefore have
little to do with other races, except for elves. The faeries seen beyond
the home isles are outcasts by choice, stripped of their magical abilities
and their places in faerie society. Some long for the home they left behind,
some cultivate strange obsessions, and others mourn the loss of their
magical abilities.

Physical traits:
    Faeries are typically around four feet tall, no longer possessing the ability
to change their size at will once they've left the home isles behind. Their
delicate but flexible butterfly-like wings allow them to fly with native magic, 
but can be a hindrance in battle. A faerie's slight stature makes them considerably
weaker and less sturdy than humans. However, they make up for these short
comings by being more nimble and intelligent than humans. Most races who 
chance to meet a faerie consider them to be very attractive.

    In some lore, faeries are the wee people. In others they are sprites
or evil pixies. But in fact, they are all of the above. Short and thin, they
look like the handsomest of humanoids with shimmery wings growing on their 
backs. Faeries have pointed ears hidden behind long, dark hair. Their skin 
colour varies depending on what form they held before they left their home
isles. They range from the palest of white, to green, olive and even a
light brown.

Most common occupation: Mage

HelpPlayer General • Faerie

04:37, Flameday, Roki 13, 183 AD.

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