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Fighters form a very diverse group whose only common theme is that they have  
devoted their lives to the art of combat. Fighters may be defenders of the  
just and righteous or devious tyrants, pledging their life to a cause or  
causing havoc.  Whichever path they choose, however, it is still one where  
they are masters of armed combat, highly trained in weapons and armour,  
knowing them inside and out, learning them thoroughly.  Because Fighters tend  
to wear heavy armour and wield weapons of high caliber it is important for  
them to be very strong so they can carry their gear.  It is also just as  
important for them to be agile and sturdy, as to avoid enemy blows, strike  
back, and still be able to take a few blows, even when their defenses are beat. 
Because fighters are so devoted to the art of combat they can discern amoung  
different weapons, armors or shields. 
Fighters once trained high enough can specialize or journeyman in any of the  
six styles of Barbarian, Centurion, Knight, Ranger, Warrior, or Marksman. 
Common races: half-ogre, ogre, or dwarf 

See also: classes, fighter, traits, heroes

HelpPlayer General • Fighter

11:27, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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