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HelpPlayer General • Fighter combat

Fighters are the specialists in using weapons and executing armed 
physical attacks, and in general are experts at weapons combat. There 
are six skills fighters have to govern their combat ability. 
Attack:          This skill is the catch-all skill of combat. It 
                 represents a character's ability to judge an opponent 
                 and find openings to hit. It has nothing to do with 
                 exactly what type of weapon the fighter is using, 
                 but applies to all armed combat. 
Riding:          This skill controls the ability to fight from  
                 horseback (or of course, the back of any steed the 
                 fighter may procure.) A fighter may use his weapon 
                 more effectively due to being mounted, and can also 
                 control his mount and direct it to hurt opponents. 
                 This skill is associated with Knights. 
Two-handed:      This skill relates to the use of a single weapon with 
                 both hands. Two-handed weapons are, in general,  
                 larger and heavier than single-handed weapons, and 
                 this difference can be used to an advantage. This 
                 skill represents knowledge of how to use these 
                 large weapons effectively. 
                 This skill is associated with Barbarians. 
Double wielding: This skill represents ability to use two weapons 
                 simultaneously. Coordinating two weapons can create 
                 interesting effects and allow a fighter to get  
                 multiple hits in faster than he could with only 
                 one weapon. 
                 This skill is associated with Warriors. 
Shield:          This skill lets a fighter use his shield to do 
                 more than simply block incoming attacks. Shield can 
                 be used cunningly for more defense, or for offensive 
                 charges to get various effects. 
                 This skill is associated with Centurions 
Tactics:         This skill allows a fighter to use various different 
                 planned tactics to make their combat more effective. 
                 Some of these battle tactics are instinctive, and  
                 some are very calculated, planned moves that allow 
                 the smarter folk among fighters to put their brains 
                 to use in taking down their foes. 
                 This skill is associated with Rangers. 
Archery:         This skill allows a fighter to use of a bow to fight. 
                 Bows are probably one of the hardest weapons to use as  
                 it is limited by the number of arrows you can carry. 
                 This skills is associated with Marksman. 
These skills are related to each other according to the following 
diagram of associations. The skills which are adjacent on the wheel 
are closely related, and those across from each other are distantly 
related. Attack, at the center, is the skill that controls them all. 
                        /                 \ 
                       /                   \ 
             Double wielding   Attack    Riding 
                       \                   / 
                        \                 / 

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HelpPlayer General • Fighter combat

12:02, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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