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HelpPlayer General • Gnoll

Genetic Ancestry: Gnoll
Size: Medium
Languages: Caninen
Poor stats: Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence
Good stats: Strength, Constitution
Vision: Above average
Night Vision: Slightly above average

    Gnolls are a feral nomads who kill and pillage without warning or discretion

    Wild and untamed they kill and attack anything for even the most simple of

Physical Traits:
    Gnolls greatly resemble humanoid hyenas. They are usually between seven and 
eight feet tall, weighing around 250 to 320 pounds, and wear armors made from 
natural or metal materials.

    Gnoll bodies are typically covered in reddish-brown fur which becomes 
shorter as it surrounds their faces, clawed hands to reveal grey colored 
skin and furred tails. Their pelts vary from mono-colored to spotted and their eyes are either 
yellow or black.

Common Occupation: Fighter

HelpPlayer General • Gnoll

04:35, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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