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HelpPlayer General • Gnome

Genetic Ancestry: Gnome
Size: Small
Languages: Nibelungen
Poor stats: Strength, Constitution, Charisma
Good stats: Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence
Vision: Above average
Night Vision: Average

        Gnomes make their homes in the gently rolling hills of south slope 
of the Spine Mountains. There are also sizable gnome populations 
near the cities of the Northern Kingdom.

        Gnomes are generally a peaceful people. They want to have little 
to do with the world beyond their comfortable hills, however their 
inquisitive nature sends many of them out into the world to seek new 
knowledge and experiences.

Physical Traits:
        The short stature of gnomes and lack of physical exertion means that
most gnomes are not very strong. The endless enthusiasm and constant 
movement of most gnomes makes them slightly more nimble than the average 
human. Their appearance and general bubbliness makes gnomes slightly 
unnattractive to most people. Because of their natural inquisitiveness 
gnomes are more intelligent than other races.

        Many races consider gnomes to be comical in appearance. Their short
frame, rarely exceeding three and a half feet, is almost too small for 
their head. The gnomish face is dominated by a large nose, wide eyes, 
and thick lips. Their skin is tan and heavily weathered. Gnomish hair 
is almost always light brown, but tends to fall out or turn prematurely 
white before middle age. Many male gnomes have luxurious beards, but not
all and almost never on females.

Common Occupation: Mage

HelpPlayer General • Gnome

12:09, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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