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HelpPlayer General • Half-elf

Genetic Ancestry: Human elf
Size: Medium
Languages: Farsi, Eltherian
Poor stats: Strength
Good stats: Dexterity
Vision: Above average
Night Vision: Slightly above average

Physical traits:
    Half-elves are small, very nimble and handsome beings.
Although not at all wise, as well as being less intelligent than the average
sentient race, they are quite capable in the roguish arts and are of
average strength.

    Half-elves are perhaps the most diverse of all known races, made up
of people with hair of all different colours, and skin ranging
the gammut of humanoid skin colours.

Most common occupation: Rogue

HelpPlayer General • Half-elf

01:04, Vaigday, Denki 20, 182 AD.

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