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HelpPlayer General • Half-ogre

Genetic Ancestry: Human ogre
Size: Large
Languages: Farsi, Shangtai
Poor stats: Charisma, Intelligence
Good stats: Strength, Constitution
Vision: Below average
Night Vision: Poor

       Half-ogres are brutal nomads. The society of their human 
society often welcomes half-ogres for their cunning (relative to 
a normal ogre). Thus they can often be found in leadership positions
among the ogre tribes of Caspia's mountain ranges.

       Half-ogres often resemble their ogre parent in temprament. 
They are quick to anger and shed blood. However, once blood has been
spilt they are also quick to forget, if not forgive. Most half-ogres
have a craving for the finer things of human civilization, often
raiding villages and towns to acquire these items. In the mind of a
half-ogre, might does make right but trickery isn't bad.

Physical Traits:
       Half-ogres are larger than most humans, but not as large as a
true ogre. Their large frame makes them very strong and sturdy. 
Their larger frame is also more awkward than most humans though. 
Half-ogres are considered incredibly bright among true ogres, but they
are quite dense by normal standards. The mixxing of ogre and human
blood unfortunately does little to mute the horrible visage of the 
ogre face.

       The sight of a half-ogre is only slightly less repulsive than that
of a true ogre. Their skin tones are usually strange hues, light blue
and rust being most common. Nearly all half-ogre's have a protruding 
lower jaw and large forehead, giving them a neanderthal appearance. The
appearance of most half-ogres could be improved by a bath, unfortunately
for most of the world they aren't fond of water.

Common Occupation:  Fighter

HelpPlayer General • Half-ogre

05:31, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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