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HelpPlayer General • Half-orc

Genetic Ancestry: Human orc
Size: Large
Languages: Farsi, Tangetto
Poor stats: Dexterity, Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence
Good stats: Strength, Constitution
Vision: Average
Night Vision: Below average

       Half-orcs do not fit in with normal orcs as they are more civilized but 
they also do not fit in with humans and tend to be loners and outsiders of both

       Half-orcs are perhaps a bit more 'human' than orcs.  In fact, 
it is believed they might have human blood in them leading to their 
greater intellectual abilities, mobility, and looks over orcs.  In 
addition, it is also believed that this is why they are neither as 
strong or as sturdy.

Physical Traits:
       Half-orcs can be as large or larger then an average human. They can have 
bulging bodies like other orcs or can look nearly human.

       Although hairy by human standards, they do not have the corse 
look of orcs.  Instead, their hair covers their bodies much in the 
same way that gorillas' bodies are covered.  They stand only six and a 
half feet in height, and are extremeley thin and thus more agile than orcs.  
Their skin is a dark red-brown to match their hair.  They also have 
small, reddish-yellow beaks.

Common Occupation: Fighter

HelpPlayer General • Half-orc

11:28, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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