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HelpPlayer General • Halfling

Genetic Ancestry: Human dwarf
Size: Medium
Languages: Ersi
Poor stats: Charisma, Intelligence
Good stats: Dexterity, Wisdom
Vision: Above average
Night Vision: Above average

Physical traits:
    Halflings are nimble people who can dart here there and everywhere
before you can say any dwarven names.  They are not very strong or
sturdy, but they are of average intelligence and wisdom.
They are not too pleasant to look at though.

    Halflings have a little of this and a little of that in their genetic
heritage.  They are hairy and tend to be covered in warts all over their
bodies.  Their hair colour is most often white, but some of those with
greenish skin have a redish tinge to it, and others with dark brown
skin sometimes have black hair.

Most common occupation: Rogue

HelpPlayer General • Halfling

15:49, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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