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HelpPlayer General • Hobbit

Genetic Ancestry: Hobbit
Size: Medium
Languages: Terrakarn
Poor stats: Strength, Constitution
Good stats: Dexterity, Charisma
Vision: Above average
Night Vision: Average

        Hobbits originally lived on the Red Plains in small farming
communities. With the arrival and ascension to power of the Wild
Elves, the hobbits were subjugated to field labor for their elven
masters. Some hobbits have slipped away from their masters, to the
quiet corners of Caspia. Others still toil under elven whips.

        Hobbits are usually an easy going people. They are far more
concerned with simple pleasures of a warm home and good ale than
the state of the realm. The one exception are the valiant (or
foolish) hobbits who seek to free their brethren from the Wild Elves.
These freedom fighters are often reckless and have a Zaal may care

Physical Traits:
        Hobbits have a short stature, they are easily confused with 
dwarves and gnomes at a distance. The short frame of hobbits make
them weaker than most humans, but also makes them considerable more
nimble. Their smaller body also makes them somewhat less attractive
to most races. Long hours spent in relaxation and thought have made
hobbits somewhat wiser than most humans.

        The short frame of most hobbits is well filled. Their 
inclination towards relaxation has left most hobbits with a bit of 
paunch around the middle. Their faces are often quite fat and flushed.
Hobbits are notable for their very curly hair, found in most any color
common to humans. Hobbit males are partial to all sorts of facial hair.
Lambchops, mustaches, goatees are quite popular, oddly beards are not
very common.

Common Occupation:  Rogue

HelpPlayer General • Hobbit

14:22, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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