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HelpPlayer General • Journeyman

Journeyman is the process of picking yours secondary subclasses. By allowing you 
to pick your secondary subclasses it allows you to create a character that fits 
When you subclass your skills are adjusted so that your new subclass is equal  
to your main class. All remaining class skills drop to a lower position, by  
journeymaning you can raise two of them back up to a higher level. 
As a rogue, fighter, monk or mage you simply journeyman at  
the trainer for that subclass. For clerics you need to go to the deity's temple 
and then savant for that deity. 
As a cleric you also pick for your third level of skills by adept for a deity. 
This gives you up to four levels of skills as a cleric as you have two addtional 
skills over other classes. Any left over skills will be dropped to the next skill 
tier level to compensate for raise each subclass level. 

See also: subclassing, subclasses

HelpPlayer General • Journeyman

16:00, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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