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HelpPlayer General • Kobold

Genetic Ancestry: Kobold
Size: Small
Languages: Draconic
Poor stats: Strength, Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence
Good stats: Constitution
Vision: Above average
Night Vision: Above average

    Kobolds are found in all climates. They seem to prefer dark, damp 
underground lairs and overgrown forests. They are industrious miners and if 
left to their own devices can carve out massive tunnel complexes, which they 
quickly fill to capacity thanks to their rapid rate of reproduction, which 
would explain their use as cannon fodder enemies.
    Many kobold lairs are guarded by boars or giant weasels. Their lairs are fluid, 
with new tunnels continually being excavated and old ones collapsed. Most 
lairs include a temple or shrine, a kiln, an egg hatchery, and a place for 
storing food. Larger ones also contain places for cultivating food and livestock.
    Kobolds are extremely fecund egg-layers, having the highest birth rate 
(and death rate) of all humanoid species. A female kobold will lay a clutch of 
hard-shelled eggs two weeks after fertilization; the eggs must be incubated for 
an additional 60 days before hatching. Kobolds reach maturity by the age of 
eight or nine and are considered 'great wyrms' by the age of 121. They live up 
to 135 years. While they do bond with one another, they have no concept of monogamy.      
    Kobolds have an extreme hatred for gnomes, with whom they compete for the same 
areas and mining rights, as well as pixies, brownies, and sprites. They are 
often at war with goblins, and the numerous kobold-goblin wars help keep the 
populations of both races down to a manageable level.

Physical Traits:
       Kobolds are omnivores with no scruples about what or whom they eat. They 
can digest bark, dirt, leather, eggshells, or their own younger siblings if 
they're desperate enough.
    Kobolds are cold-blooded. The scales covering their bodies are 
like that of an iguana or other large lizard. The scales that cover their tails 
are very fine, so that they resemble the naked tails of rats. Kobolds lose and 
gain new teeth throughout their lives, often saving and making necklaces from 
them. Kobolds favor raggedy-looking red or orange clothing made from leather or 
the silk of giant spiders. They never wear shoes, but they are fond of jewelry 
and other ornamentation.

    Kobolds vary in height between 2'10' to 4'2', with scaly, hairless hides, 
reptilian heads, and tails, and weigh over 30 to 40 pounds. Males tend to be 
about three inches taller and ten pounds heavier than most females. Their 
hides are typically a rust-brown or reddish black color, with ivory-colored 
horns. Their heads are crocodile like and eyes glow red, and they can see 
accurately even in lightless conditions up to 60 feet away. Kobolds are 
described as smelling like a cross between damp dogs and stagnant water.
    They keep themselves well-groomed, regularly polishing their horns, claws, 
and teeth.
Common Occupation: Mage

HelpPlayer General • Kobold

06:38, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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