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HelpPlayer General • Lizardfolk

Genetic Ancestry: Lizardfolk
Size: Medium
Languages: Draconic
Poor stats: Strength, Constitution, Charisma, Intelligence
Good stats: Dexterity, Wisdom
Vision: Average
Night Vision: Slightly above average

       Lizardfolk live deep to the south of the marshes hunting and scavenging 
the local marshes for food and supplies making them some of the best survivalist 
around. They live in a tribe with others and commune with nature. They live off
the land and will protect their homes and families above all else.

       Lizardfolk are ferocious and tough, with an edge in moving silently and 
swiftly. They tend to fight as unorganized individuals and prefer frontal 
assaults and massed  rushes, sometimes trying to force foes into the water, 
where the lizardfolk have an advantage. If outnumbered or if their territory is 
being invaded, they set snares, plan ambushes, and make raids to hinder enemy 
supplies. Advanced tribes use more sophisticated tactics and have better traps 
and ambushes. 

Physical Traits:
       Lizardfolk stand from four to over six feet tall, with then, flexible
frames. Their claws, tail and flexibility lead them to being extremely good 
climbers but this comes at a cost of being pour riders due to their tails 
causing discomfort.

       Lizardfolk are usually six to seven feet tall with green, gray, or brown 
scales that provides some protection and a long tail that can be used to whip at 
opponents and improve balance and movement.

Common Occupation: Monk

See also: tailwhip

HelpPlayer General • Lizardfolk

04:10, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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