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HelpPlayer General • Mage magic

The magic of mages is quite unique. Very few people of Caspia know 
the exact method by which a mage's magic works. The most popular  
theory among sages is that the entire world is surrounded by a  
layer of invisible, intangible, raw magic. Through training and 
studying, a mage learns how to harness this raw magic and force it  
into a desired spell effect. 
There are six major types of magic that are common among magi of 
this realm, and consequently six skills that govern magic: 
Magic:      This skill represents a mage's ability to collect and 
            shape raw magical power into a form of its own, without 
            channeling it through some other effect first. Each of 
            the other skills represents an effect that magic can 
            be bent to use, but every mage must use this skill to 
            gather the power for all of their spells. 
Sorcery:    This skill involes the detection, analysis, and 
            alteration of auras. Everything in creation has an 
            aura, be it living, undead or inanimate, and those 
            auras both reveal and determine some characteristics 
            of the item or person. 
            This skill is associated with Sorcerer. 
Planes:     This skill relates to different dimensions and planes 
            of existance. It allows magi to peer through folds 
            in different planes to locate people and items, and 
            even to move things from one place to another. 
            This skill is associated with Planeswalker. 
Necromancy: This skill pertains to the dead, the undead, and the 
            souls of the living or recently deceased. The symbolism 
            of the necromantic spells is that of blood and bones, 
            and the central manifestation is leeching the life out 
            of an opponent. 
            This skill is associated with Necromancer. 
Elements:   This skill lets a mage channel magic into an elemental 
            result. This covers many different kinds of results-- 
            protection from an element, or even several elements, 
            direct damage to an enemy, or enhancement of an item 
            to have an elemental effect. 
            This skill is associated with Elementalist. 
Conjuring:  This skill allows a mage to create things. The items 
            a mage can conjure range from very simple light 
            sources to invisible tripwires to magical bags. 
            This skill is associated with Conjuror. 
These skills are related to each other according to the following 
diagram of associations. The skills which are adjacent on the wheel 
are closely related, and those across from each other are distantly 
related. Magic, at the center, is the skill that controls them all. 
                        /               \ 
                       /                 \ 
                 Conjuring    Magic    Planes 
                       \                 / 
                        \               / 

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HelpPlayer General • Mage magic

06:37, Flameday, Roki 13, 183 AD.

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