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HelpPlayer General • Materials

    Raw materials ore objects that can be used to repair or create items, some 
materials can only be used for certain things, be sure to ask or explore to learn more. 
ShadowMUD offers several different types of raw materials that can be used to fix 
or create armors or create new items 
    Ores are different sizes of raw metals, stone, or crystal that can be found mining and  
similar ways, different locations will give you different types of ores. 
Blue ice: 
    Blue ice is a rare and magical ice that is created in only a few ways, and is  
found by killing ice elementals, or in several cold locations. Blue ice comes in 
many shapes and sizes which limits what can be from different pieces. 
    Gems can be used to create jewelry or adorn other items, they are found by mining, 
and other ways so be sure to explore. 
    Leather is formed from the tanned skins of animals or even humaniod creatures,  
most people learn to skin a corpse at some point and later have a tanner create leather. 
Leather pieces may also fall off broken armors and can be used to repair or reconstruct 
the broken armor. 
    Snake, gator, dragon, and lizard skins are simalar to leather but formed from reptiles 
and may provide more protection then more simple leathers and are created the 
same way as normal leathers by visiting a tanner. 
    Pieces of wood can be found in most places, you will have to learn how to harvest 
to get usable pieces to use as raw materials 
    Cloth is formed from weaving animal hair or plant fibers togather, most are rolled 
into what is called a bolt that can be used to sew clothing and armors. 
    inferior, poor, rough, ordinary, average, fair, good, fine, exceptional, flawless 

See also: gems, metals, textiles

HelpPlayer General • Materials

02:14, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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