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HelpPlayer General • Metals

The earth beneath Caspia is full of many strange and rare metals. Many of the  
rare metals are only gathered by dwarves in their subterranean abodes. The  
commonly known metals are, in order of increasing strength: 
    Tin is a common silvery metal. It is used primarily in alloys to 
    prevent rusting. 
    Lead is a common silvery soft metal. It is used general items from roofing  
    to pipes. 
    Copper is a brown-yellowish metal. It is normally used as a base 
    for the stronger bronze alloy and as coinage. 
    A very soft yellowish metal. It is rarely used in armour or weapons.  
    Popular metal for coinage among humans. 
    A silvery-white metal that is very rare and expensive. It is mostly 
    used for coinage of an expensive denomination or decorative armour 
    and weapons. 
    A soft metal. It is sometimes used in armour and weapons, because it  
    contains magic better than other metals.  Silver is also widely employed  
    as a metal for coinage, especially among elves. 
    Iron is a hard metal ore that is usually dusky grey after forging. It's 
    very commonly used in most societies for mundane uses due to its abundance 
    and ease of smithing. 
    Laen is also a rare metal, with strength comparable to mithril. However,  
    because of the difficulty with which it can be worked, it is rarely employed. 
    Gold-bronze metal similar to mithril in properies, but even more rare to  
    create as the process has been lost to time.        
    Mithril is a rare metal. It is rumoured to be an excellent conductor of  
    magical energies. 
    Eog is a very rare metal, however it is easily worked. Common belief is  
    that eog can be altered to produce a material known as 'dark metal.' 
    Adamantium is the rarest metal known to Caspia, and also the hardest. It  
    is highly sought after and all known veins are jealously guarded by dwarves. 
Metals can be combined and formed into different alloys that can be stronger or 
offer different properties then thier parents, to see a list of known alloys 
see help alloys. 

See also: gems, materials, alloys, textiles

HelpPlayer General • Metals

07:26, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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