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Monks are masters of the arts of combat without weapons. They learn to focus 
their bodies to deliver controlled attacks without needing an extra tool as 
a fighter would. Their abilities to fight unarmed are quite varied, not 
just limited to a punch in the face or a kick in the gut. This highly 
specialized combat form is learned through very careful self-discipline. Such 
discipline also allows a monk to have much finer control over his body, his  
muscles and senses. A monk is also the master of enhancing himself through 
concentration to heighten his combat ability. Monks wisdom help there  
discipline and control. 
The inner strength which feeds these self-enhancing abilities is sometimes 
mistaken for magic. This is, however, not the case. It is simply the result 
of the monk's personal strength applied to his body or mind. 
A monk who has achieved a balance between the mental and physical stats 
will be the most centered and grounded in his discipline. 
A monk can subclass in one of five different clans, the feather clan which  
specializes in throws, the hoof clan specializes in kicks, spirit clan which  
specializes in mind, the tail clan specializes in sweeps, and the talon clan  
which in punches. When you reach level ten you may join or journeyman any of  
the five clans. 
Monks replace thier class item, a belt, by visiting Cirroc, then bowing or nodding 
in respect then challenge him for a spar to receive a belt or upgrade thier belt 
Common races: human 

See also: classes, monk, traits

HelpPlayer General • Monk

07:09, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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