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HelpPlayer General • Monk discipline

The term 'magic' is often applied incorrectly to the abilities that  
monks exhibit. They often seem like magical spells or priestly prayers  
to the uneducated masses. However, a monk's abilities are not powers  
granted by the whim or a god, nor are they dependent on a magical force.  
They are based on the monk's inner strength and mental discipline. The  
skills governing this phenomenon are as follows. 
Discipline: This skill is the central factor in a monk's power. All of 
            the abilities a monk may gain stem from the monk's self- 
            discipline and their ability to control their own body.  
            Each of the other skills represents a way this discipline 
            may be used to achieve specific results, but in general the 
            broader, mixed effects will depend fully on discipline. 
Punches:    This skill covers most attacks that are executed with the 
            arms and hands. Contrary to the specificity of the name, it 
            includes such things as open-handed strikes, double-fisted  
            blows, and attacks with the edges of hands or with elbows. 
            These attacks will usually be fairly average in their effect, 
            but tend to be simple enough that they do not usually leave  
            the monk in an undesirable position. 
            This skill is associated with the Talon Clan. 
Throws:     This skill relates to the ability throw people. Usually, the 
            desired results include both knocking the opponent down and 
            doing some damage. These are powerful abilities, but tend to  
            be a little more spectacular when things go awry as well. 
            This skill is associated with the Feather Clan. 
Mind:       This skill involves a monk's ability to use their mind to 
            produce a few kinds of effects. One is to influence and  
            control their own body in more specific and drastic ways  
            than most people are able to. Another is to produce a  
            heightened mental state that allows the monk to better  
            perform some tasks.  
            This skill is associated with the Spirit Clan. 
Sweeps:     This skill controls those abilities that center around 
            knocking someone to the ground by moving their feet straight 
            out from under them. Of course, there are many variations  
            and combined effects that depend on their victim being 
            swept first, and many of those also fall under this skill. 
            This skill is associated with the Tail Clan. 
Kicks:      This skill governs most attacks that are executed with the  
            lower body--generally feet, though they may strike with the 
            heel or with the blade of the foot. Kicks tend to use more 
            power, and so they get some impressive effects, but they are  
            also more succeptable to spectacular error as well. 
            This skill is associated with the Hoof Clan. 
These skills are related to each other according to the following 
diagram of associations. The skills which are adjacent on the wheel 
are closely related, and those across from each other are distantly  
related. Discipline, at the center, is the skill that controls them all. 
                      /--              --\ 
                     /                    \ 
                 Sweeps   Discipline    Throws 
                     \                    / 
                      \                  / 

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HelpPlayer General • Monk discipline

06:32, Flameday, Roki 13, 183 AD.

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