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HelpPlayer General • Movement

Movement on ShadowMUD is done by using exits to go from one room to another. 
Most rooms will display any obvious exits that can be used to leave your current  
room, some rooms may have hidden or secrect exits so be sure to explore and  
look at every thing. 
The main cordinal exits by default have short aliases added to your character allowing 
you to use them instead of the full exit names and they are: 
    north - n 
    south - s 
    east - e 
    west - w 
    northwest - nw 
    northeast - ne 
    southwest - sw 
    southeast - se 
These default aliases can be removed or changed using the alias system. 
Other then the basic exit movements that are magical systems as well, newbies 
can use the rescue command to instantly move to the square if lost or in trouble 
Magic portals can be created by mages or other methods that can open an exit from 
one location to another. 
finally mages can teleport once they have the skill to locations that have marked. 

See also: rescue, teleport, mportal, alias

HelpPlayer General • Movement

04:44, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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