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HelpPlayer General • Nymph

Genetic Ancestry: Nymph
Size: Medium
Languages: Nymal
Poor stats: Constitution, Wisdom
Good stats: Charisma
Vision: Average
Night Vision: Below average

Physical Traits:
    Nymphs are known for their breath-taking beauty which has been said to
put males of all races into a trance.  Like satyrs, their origins are mysterious
and magical although they themselves have no inclinations toward the magical
arts.  They also are neither strong nor sturdy, but they are among the
most agile races there are.

    Nymphs are beautiful human-looking women, who differ from human women
genetically.  Unfortunately, like satyrs, they are incapable of natural
reproduction since they are sterile.

Most common occupation: Rogue

HelpPlayer General • Nymph

02:43, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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