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HelpPlayer General • Ogre

Genetic Ancestry: Ogre
Size: Large
Languages: Shangtai
Poor stats: Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence
Good stats: Strength, Constitution
Vision: Below average
Night Vision: Poor

       Ogres have taken the high mountain peaks and valleys as their
they are most common in the Shadow Mountains and the Spine Mountains.

       Ogres are savage race that delights in brutal, bloody battles 
and sport. They are a very tribal race, a lone ogre being considered
an outcast and fair game for any other ogre tribe to hunt. Ogres are
also notoriously dense, preferring the direct (violent) approach in
all matters.

Physical Traits:
       Ogres are much larger than the average human, both in height
and in frame. Bulging muscles cover their broad build. Ogres have
also become quite sturdy from enduring in the harsh mountain climates.
Because of their muscular frame ogres are much slower than other race,
and tend to be quite clumsy. Being more interested in food and 
smashing things, ogres rarely find time to read or ponder the nature of
the universe and it shows in their intelligence and wisdom. Ogres' 
appearance is also very distasteful to most people.

       Ogres have disgusting skin tones, light blue of frozen flesh
is most common, though rust and black skin are not unheard of. Ogres
have a protruding lower jaw and two large tusks jut from their lower
jaw. Ogres tend to have greasy skin and hair, and usually sport a
variety of boils and other skin afflictions.

Common Occupation: Fighter

HelpPlayer General • Ogre

17:41, Darkday, Denki 19, 182 AD.

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