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OoMUD is the ShadowMUD web client, it offers triggers, alaises, and macros, 
split up using a profile system to allow you to organize them in anyway you like. 
If you have issues or problems with the client things you should try first before 
reporting it as a bug: 
1. Try to force refresh the page using ctrl+f5, shift+f5, ctrl+shift+f5, crtl+reload button, or  
   try shift+reload button 
2. If that does not work you can try clearing your cache and refreshing  
   the page or reloading your browser. 
   NOTE: back up your profiles, maps and settings first or make 
       sure you have unchecked cookies and local storage in the clear options for your 
3. Ensure javascript is enabled and that cookies are allowed. 
4. The web client uses localstorage, indexeddb, and other modern HTML5 features 
   if you have issues with profiles or settings not saving ensure these features 
   are enabled and proper securty allowed. 
   localstorage - used to store basic settings 
   indexeddb - used to store profiles and maps, with fall back to localstorage 
   canvas - used to draw mapping interface. 
   buzz api library - used to provide auto support using HTML5 audio systems 
   websockets - used to connect to the mud.     
   notification api - if enabled and allowed you can use #notify to display  
       quick messages if supported 
If you still have issues try asking on the chat line. 
To backup your profiles simply load the manager and click the export profile or 
export all profiles. 
To backup your settings open the settings dialog and click export settings. 
To backup maps open mapper and click export all. 
To backup your client data ely to the mud enter <client save> 
To restore your client data from the mud enter <client load> 
Note: this is a manual action to prevent abuse and you must be logged in, as the 
      data is linked to the character from which it was executed from. 
Known issues: 
    Edge - There are issues with websockets sending extra data causing data to  
      buffer and corrupt sent commands, simply resend if it happens. 
    IE 11 - Has the same issues as edge browser      
    Mapper - Due to browser storage limits mapping data may not correctly save. 
          Firefox: you can increase your storage limits by chaning the '' setting 
            open about:config, search for, and enter a larger # 

See also: client, omud

HelpPlayer General • Oomud

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