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HelpPlayer General • Orc

Genetic Ancestry: Orc
Size: Large
Languages: Tangetto
Poor stats: Dexterity, Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence
Good stats: Strength, Constitution
Vision: Above average
Night Vision: Average

       Orcs live deep in the marshes, coming out to raid the near by 
farms and towns for food and goods.

       Barely intelligent enough to be considered sentient, orcs are 
universally considered hideous looking creatures.  Yet as strong and 
sturdy as they are, there is no need for them to do anything but bring 
fear to all.

Physical Traits:
       Orcs, like ogres are much larger then the average human. Bulging 
muscles cover their broad build. Because of their muscular frame orcs are 
much slower than other race, and tend to be quite clumsy. Being more 
interested in food and smashing things, orcs rarely find time to read or 
ponder the nature of the universe and it shows in their intelligence and 
wisdom. Orcs' appearance is also very distasteful to most people.

       Orcs are covered all over their muscle-bound bodies with a 
disgusting, matted red-brown fur.  They stand nearly seven feet high 
with ovalish faces highlighting yellowish beaks.  Their fingers 
all end in terrifying claws.

Common Occupation: Fighter

HelpPlayer General • Orc

05:07, Flameday, Roki 13, 183 AD.

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