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HelpPlayer General • Races

Your race determines your genetic make-up. 
Some races are genetically predisposed to being stronger, sturdier, 
more intelligent, more sensitive to light, etc. than other races. 
In addition, different races are physically different from others, 
having different limbs and other types of body parts. 
In real life, you had no choice. You were born human. In the Nightmare 
reality, you do get a choice. Your choice should be based on your 
style of playing. Do you want a magical character? Or do you 
want to play the game by brute force? Or perhaps deception or 
What do you prefer to explore? Do you like dark, enclosed areas? Or do 
you like well lit castles or the open outdoors? 
Do you wish to have humanoid limbs which can be easily equipped? Or 
are you interested in the advantages of having different limbs which 
might allow you to wield more than two weapons at a time but are not 
so easily equipped? 
All these questions face you now. Whatever choice you make, so long 
as it fits the style in which you like to play, will be rewarding. 
There is neither a best pick nor a worst pick. There is only what is 
best or worst for your style. 
Towards that end, here are some clues: 
Intelligence and wisdom make the best magic users. 
Strength and constitution make the best fighters. 
Dexterity and charisma make the best roguish types. 
Charisma and wisdom make the best faith users. 
Wisdom and dexterity make the best monkish types. 
Each race has its own help file. For example, to find out about humans, 
type 'help human'. 
Type 'list races' to see the selection while in the setter room. 
Type 'help racelist' to see just the available races if you are not in the setter.   
The following races are currently available in ShadowMUD: 
Black dwarf              Dwarf                    Elf                       
Faerie                   Gnoll                    Gnome                     
Goblin                   Half-elf                 Half-ogre                 
Half-orc                 Halfling                 Hobbit                    
Human                    Kobold                   Lizardfolk                
Nymph                    Ogre                     Orc                       
Satyr                    Wild elf                  
For more detailed information about a particular race, see its individual help file. 

See also: racelist

HelpPlayer General • Races

05:27, Flameday, Roki 13, 183 AD.

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