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HelpPlayer General • Reputation

The reputation system allows each area to have their own reputation  
independent of the rest. This allows you to be a noble in one town but in  
another town an arch villain. Reputation tends to effect monsters in that area, 
stores, and possibly other things.  
You can view your global reputation using the score command. Your global  
reputation is the average of all local reputations and your global. Some areas  
may have a way for you to see your local reputation but many will not. 
Over time your reputation will return to neutral. When you login it will adjust 
your reputation based on how long you have been gone. 
Scale, arch villian to noble: 
    arch villain, villain, master criminal, criminal, petty criminal, neutral, rebel, lawful, disciplined, benefactor, noble 

See also: score

HelpPlayer General • Reputation

01:27, Flameday, Roki 13, 183 AD.

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